donderdag 23 mei 2013

Article Swiss Wine Country - Anna Braakman

Motivation - Zester daily
Zester Daily is an award-winning online destination for food, wine and travel enthusiasts eager to discover what’s new and delicious in the world. Their mission is to promote spirited, intelligent dialogue about what we eat and drink — a critical step toward establishing a more healthful, environmentally sustainable and just food culture.
This is an excellent website where food enthusiasts would come to gather information about where to eat or to get inspiration for cooking themselves. The article that I have selected is about Swiss wines. It gives a well-written review about having a vineyard, which is not like any other wine producing country. Due to steep slopes, tending vines is very demanding, and mostly done by hand. The Swiss wines are mostly subtle and refreshing and do not come in great quantities. That’s why Swiss wines seldom travel outside Switzerland. You can say that the Swiss wine market is a niche. 

Article Switzerlands Wines - Annette Dekker

This article is about the wine market in Switzerland. In total Switzerland has about 14.500 hectares of vineyards. This might not be as much as the leader in the amount of wineyards: Spain with 1.113.000 hectares. Most wines in Switzerland are produced for their own market, niche markets such as the US and UK still do import Swiss wines. The four biggest swiss wine regions are: Geneva, Ticino, Valais and Vaud. The best known white grape in Switzerland is the Chasselas and the best known red grape is the Gamay and the Pinot Noir. Most Swiss wines are blends but also available as varietals.
I think that this is a really nice and interesting article about the wines in Switzerland. Especially when the book we did our research about is also from the great sommelier: Thérèse Boer.

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dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Article Elizabeth on Food - Anna Braakman

Motivation - Elizabeth on Food
There are several food blogs that are prominent in this line of industry. One of these is Elizabeth on Food. She founded her website in 2010 where she reviews restaurants she visits, with a focus on Michelin star restaurants in Europe. She scores the restaurants on a 100-point scale, indicating:
·         Extraordinary (96-100)
·         Outstanding (93-95)
·         Very good to excellent (89-92)
·         Average to good (85-88)
·         Below 85 - below average
She also reviews books on het website, which might be of interest to “Puurst.” Elizabeth tweets about food and other restaurant news on a daily basis, which would make this social medium remarkable to the book as well. The article that we have selected is an article where Elizabeth reviews the Librije, she scores it a 100 points!
I think that Elizabeth, due to her experience in many Michelin star restaurants, is a valuable opinion leader on the field of high-end cousin. The content of the article is a great compliment to Johnny and Therese and their way of preparing food. This article also contains pictures of the courses, which gives us an image of the food that the Librije serves. This supports the text greatly.

Article De Librije - Michael Koers

I choose this article, because it is connected to our subject ‘De Librije’ Which we are writing a international research plan for. This article does give a clear view what the vision of ‘De Librije’ is and how ‘De Librije’ was built. As you can see in the article Jonny Boer was just in the first place a assistance chief and later on he was able to buy ‘De Librije’, He started the restaurant in the cellar of the building. It also gives a clear view that Jonny and Theresa Boer didn’t had any plans to get a Michelin star, they just got it accidently. When they had their first Michelin star everything changed and started to think on a completely different way what they should do with ‘De Librije’. A little while later they had the opportunity to buy some other restaurants and catering services, and so the Librije became how it is nowadays. They don’t have any plans to abroad. If you just read this article you do know what ‘De Librije’ is, how it is built and what it stands for. That is why I choose this article so that it all gets clear.

I think this tells you exactly what ‘De Librije’ is and what it stands for. It does tell everything that you need to know about the owners of the restaurant and the other companies. For example the article starts by telling that Jonny Boer what a assistance chief by ‘De Librije’, and later on he met Theresa, get got married and later on they were able to buy ‘De Librije’, as you can see this article tells you everything from step 1 till step 10. That is why I think this article does have a really good content. This article also gives a clear view what kind of business ‘De Librije’ is and what it stands for, ‘De Librije’ stands for quality and this article shows that really well. That is why I think this article is really clear and does give a lot of information.